Healing is inherent to life

Healing is inherent to life. It is not some supernatural act that is only reserved for the select few. Instead, it is just natural, and exactly how life expresses itself when left untouched. If you examine the sickness of our culture you can find, at the core, a distrust in life. As we grow up, we learn all sorts of ways to hide, contort, manipulate and protect our most vulnerable selves, our life wanting to live. We learn that life as it is, ourselves as we are, is fundamentally not okay. We can learn this in our families, in our schools, in our churches, in any place where the cultural dogma is being preached. This cultural belief comes in the form of “shame on you,” “what’s wrong with you?,” “suck it up!,” “that’s weird!,” or my personal favorite “stop being so sensitive!” There is no way around it, our culture is very, very sick, and as little children we either choose to be autistic to preserve our innocence and connection with spirit, or we take on the sickness that they hand down to us. We adapt to this sickness in our own creative way, although unconsciously. To begin to heal this sickness, it takes another creative act, but this time it requires consciousness. How do we learn to let go and allow life to live its truest healing nature if we have only been taught to manage and control life?

There are many therapeutic techniques that get caught in this predicament. They look at healing from a perspective of fixing or controlling what is “wrong” with the person, when really what is “wrong” is something very natural that is trying to be freed from the concepts of right and wrong. These therapeutic approaches can sometimes seem to do miracles on the surface, producing insights and big changes in the person’s life; but on deeper levels they can continue to promote the message that something is wrong and create an addiction to fixing what is not right. From my perspective, this way of healing comes from a feeling of lack, from the ego. Spirituality can also come from this place, by adopting strict practices, diets or dogmas to try and reach the perfection of Spirit outside of human form. Healing and spiritual practices that are caught in this paradigm are both based in the same feeling of lack, the ego. Therapies that are trying to fix or modify have forgotten that we are perfect just as we are, because we are a creation of spirit. Spiritual practices that are trying to reach spirit outside of the body, have forgotten that Spirit chose this messy life form to express itself in imperfection, which is pure beauty. It is not so much about these practices, as it is about how we use them.

What we call our “imperfections” are what make up our beauty nature, because they are unlike anything else that has ever existed. When you consider the concept of perfection or imperfection, it becomes really hard to define from an objective standpoint, because everybody has a different idea of what perfect is. In general, I think that ideas of perfection are often influenced by cultural beliefs of what is normal or preferred. Ultimately, perfection is a concept of how things should be. Imperfection then becomes the opposite, all of the traits that don’t fit into that concept of how things should be. To accept our imperfection is the way to freedom, because instead of how things should be, imperfection is how things are. To accept how things are is to see that nothing is wrong, nothing is missing. That does not mean that there is no need to change, because the natural rhythm of life is to grow and change. To accept life as it is, is to allow it to grow and change in the most natural and loving way.

Therefore, I believe that healing begins with authenticity, because it is in our imperfection where our beauty shines most; it is there where our gifts are born and our lessons are learned. The greatest treasure we have is our imperfect self, because there is nothing else like it in all of existence, and there never will be. Healing is the expression of our imperfect beauty nature, so to accept our imperfections is what allows for healing to occur. It is already in you, wanting to express itself so that your life can live each precious moment fully.

So the only thing to do is to listen to what is present with complete honesty. When you can listen to what is true for you in any given moment, then your life is already feeling a relief that it has permission to express its imperfect beauty nature. No truth is ever perfect, because the truth never arrives to a fixed state. It is just what is, and what is is always changing. To allow your truth to be just as it is without trying to modify it, is healing. By doing this, you are allowing your imperfect beauty nature to be expressed, your life to live, in this moment, just as it is.

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