The missing half of Spirit

My concepts of heaven or enlightenment always seemed a bit boring to me, like some state of arrival. Why live? I never want to stop learning. The times of confusion, despair and darkness are so rich and human, I would never seek to end them. They soften me and sink me into this wise body more and more…and prepare me for my final death, which is not at all final. Learning how to live with the cycles of life and death seems so central to this human experience: they are what begin, end and propel life forward. I imagine my physical death in this life, and I think, “wow I am already learning how to do that!” When I let old concepts of myself die away and open to the birth of what’s mysterious and alive inside of me, I am humbled by truth. It feels like such a gift to be able to receive this experience over and over, that I can only say thank you. Trying to explain where this is going, what it is for, and what it’s about seems disrespectful to the gift of right now, what’s unfolding, complete mystery. Always. That’s my omnipotence, my omnipresence, my don’t-know mind: a surrender to life, a bowing down to all of the places where it wants to die and be born, moment to moment, and realizing I have no control over this and no business judging its process.

Here is an article that beautiful expresses the importance of including the Sacred Feminine on our spiritual journey.

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