I see Beauty at the center of all life. It is the unique form of everything. It is the personal truth aligned with the universal. I believe that making art is a way of entering into this divine play of life, uncovering our personal truth through allowing ourselves to be moved by Spirit. All of life is a creative act; therefore, every moment we are creating, whether we are conscious of it or not. Each one of us has a unique form of moving, eating, talking, working, laughing, crying, essentially living. Likewise, our wounds and our medicine are both mutually dependent and creatively designed for our particular learning, growth and healing. This is Beauty. We may play an unconscious role in the creation of our wounds, but we have the power to consciously express our medicine. Our truth encompasses both our wounds and our medicine, and through their interdependent dance it seeks to reveal itself. This is the process of learning and growth. This is life, we are life, and life is Beauty.

On this page I will share my art pieces that are created from and for the healing path. Aside, from the art that is a result of my personal process, I offer dream portraits, altar pieces and personal sessions to enrich the healing process through art-making.